Africa’s Largest Trade Union (And BDS Proponent) Mixes up Their Refugees


COSATU, Africa’s largest trade union federation and a supporter of BDS against Israel, tweeted the following yesterday:

Yet despite palestinian Arabs being what they claim are the “largest and longest suffering group of refugees in the world”, COSATU seems to have had a problem locating a photo of them – judging by the fact they instead used a photo of Jewish refugees from Arab lands – in a refugee absorption center.

This is two levels of fail: One, drawing attention to the plight of Jewish refugees from Arab lands (numbering approximately 850,000, more than the 650,000 palestinian refugees in 1948) and two, drawing attention to the fact the tiny, nascent country of Israel was able to absorb them while the multitude of Arab countries did not bother doing the same for the palestinian refugees (leading to the situation we have today and perpetuating the conflict).

Incidentally, I am not sure why we are seeing so many BDS stories coming out of South Africa this week. Must be something in their water.

Oops, sorry. Too soon?

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