Inclusiveness Reigns Supreme at Chicago Dyke March..Just the Anti-Israel Kind


Remember last year how the Chicago Dyke March banned participants with Jewish pride flags with the Star of David? They subsequently tried to explain it away as opposition to Zionism, not Judaism, not that this is an acceptable stance either.

Well a year later, and the 2018 Chicago Dyke March has come and gone – with pro palestinian marchers allowed to display their flags proudly

No reports of them being banned or made to feel ashamed. Apparently, this is the acceptable kind of expression at the Chicago Dyke March.

In fact

Organizers of this year’s Chicago Dyke March have announced their “solidarity with Palestine” ahead of their event this Saturday, while some Jewish members of the city’s LGBTQ community have said they are afraid to attend.

This time, however, the collective is making its stance on Palestine even more categorical, after collective member Sarah Youssef said it would be held in solidarity with Palestine.

“We are marching in La Villita, Little Village, again this year, to highlight and align ourselves with the struggles of brown and black and indigenous people here in the U.S. and in Chicago: undocumented folks, folks who deal with surveillance, incarceration, over-policing,” Youssef told the Chicago Reader. “And really think about what that looks like here, what that looks like in Palestine, even though it’s unfortunately all too similar. I really hope [our] community is there to celebrate and to show our resilience and strength.”

In the meantime, these marchers would end up really, really dead attempting such a march in Gaza, as opposed to the Gay Pride marches around Israel – even with their palestinian flags.

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