Linda Sarsour’s Brother Outed as a Vile Antisemite


Thanks to journalist John-Paul Pagano, we discover that the brother of faux feminist and Israel hater Linda Sarsour has a Jew hatred problem.

While Linda Sarsour cannot be held responsible for her brother’s antisemitism, it might point to the types of views they grew up with. Plus I imagine she would not condemn him for it, given she has minimized the Jew hatred of someone like Louis Farrakhan.

By the way, Diya Sarsour works at Maimonides Medical Center.

(I wonder what happens when he encounters a Jewish patient).

Per Wikipedia:

The institution was founded in 1911 as the New Utrecht Dispensary. Several small dispensaries merged with Utrecht in 1919 to form the Israel Hospital of Brooklyn. In 1920 Israel Hospital merged with Zion Hospital to form United Israel Zion Hospital, later renamed Israel Zion Hospital.

Maimonides Medical Center was formed as a result of the merger of United Israel Zion Hospital and Beth Moses Hospital in 1947. The institution was named after Rabbi Moshe Ben Maimon, a 12th-century Jewish philosopher.

Sounds like a rather Jewish and Zionist place of employment to me.

Update: His Instagram account shows he also justifies terrorism (not surprisingly).

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