The Palestinian Space Agency is a Thing


In the wake of Israel’s kick-ass efforts to land on the moon by next year, the following website has come to my attention

Yes, seriously. It seems to have been around since 2011, and much like their museum and, come to think of it, space itself, it is full of nothing.

You can get your PSA swag there – just send your post address and order to their email address.

With this kind of hitech know-how, they’ll be on the moon in no time!

And then there’s the satellite Amman 1

Which made it all the way to a roof in Jordan

But not to worry. They still somehow have money to recruit, and suggest they will be launching a spaceship soon.

(Not sure why the green dot over the astronaut’s face)

Just like pretty much everything else palestinian, this is a colossal waste of space.

Yeah, pun intended.

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