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A Field Trip With The Mossad! Part I: The Environment

On Tuesday, we gave the world a bit of a peak of what goes on in the communities around the Gaza Strip.

You can see our thread here.

What we showed you was pretty much what you all know. Communities, farms, cities, businesses trying to thrive and trying to live normal lives all within firing range of anything the Hamas terror organization can turn into a weapon.

The Hamas tactics are clear. They have been clear to us for many years.

  1. They put their children in the fight (by force) in the hope that, in self-defense, our forces will kill one.  Then parade the dead child to the blood hungry world media to distribute unquestioned.
  2. Use “unconventional” weapons that still do massive harm, millions of dollars of damage, cause mass trauma among children and death. When we are forced to respond, claim to the world how it’s just silly balloons against fighter jets.
  3. Deprive of their own civilian population of basic necessities like water and electricity and blame all their strife on “the Zionists”.
  4. Tunneling into Israeli villages with the purposes of committing mass terror attacks within communities and claim to the media they are “humanitarian tunnels”.
  5. Organize protests and hide among the protesters and commit violent and dangerous acts that threaten Israeli lives. When we are forced to stop it in order to protect ourselves and the environment, claim it was a “peace march”.
  6. Be as innovative as they can in creating new ways to cause destruction.

… among others.

We would like to share with you the very real effects these destructive, futile and hateful tactics have on real life.

  1. The Environment

First stop: Tel Gama National Park

Tel Gama National Park is home to some impressive archaeology and natural beauty. This is what the park SHOULD look like.

Source: Yochai Korem, Tiuli

Thank to Hamas’s “harmless” flaming kites, this is what the park looks like today.

Source: TheMossadIL

How did Hamas deliver this wanton destruction? With these.

Kites attached to flaming bottles and explosive devices with threatening messages. This one says, “Be’eri (a nearby town) we are coming for you”

Lush green fields burned. Crops destroyed. Millions of dollars wasted. Food that will likely go to the residents of Gaza themselves will never be grown. That’s bad enough.

Let’s talk about the long-term impact.

According to the Israel Parks Authority’s chief scientist, there is an immeasurable amount of wildlife, lizards, insects and other animals necessary for the ecosystem to function. You can see thousands of burned snails across the ground. The effects cause by the fires can last years.

Air quality around the strip has deteriorated to a level that has caused a sharp increase in asthma related illnesses. The air is filled with PM 2.5 air pollution which are tiny dust particles that can cause lung illnesses in the future.

When Hamas took thousands of tires and burned them, their only purpose was to cause destruction. When they encouraged their people to do this:

No amount of green onions are going to stop the air pollution from causing long-term effects.

Putting the scallion in rapscallion

Second Stop: Be’eri

Firefighters have a difficult job. We all know that. Bravely rushing into deadly flames to save people and homes from disaster without hesitation. Try doing that, but while under Hamas sniper fire. That’s what Ashkelon fire fighter Tal Goldstein experiences in his job. Not only does Hamas start the fires, when life saving emergency personnel arrive at the scene, they shoot at them.

Since the end of March, there have been more than 1,000 fires started due to Hamas kites, balloons and condoms. In addition, Qassam rockets, gunfire, grenades and mortars.

There are communities in the Gaza Envelope. There are families, kindergartens and a working industry making society functional for everybody. They are not connected to politics nor are they connected to the military. In Part II, we will take you there.

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