Robert Cohen of UK Co-op Pens Vile Article With Antisemitic Title

In my most recent post about the Co-operative Group in the UK, I mentioned how Robert Cohen, their head of executive external communications, had added a disclaimer to his Twitter profile dissociating his tweets from the views of Co-op. This was clearly a case of damage control following my damning expose that showed, among other things, that he belonged to an antisemitic Facebook group.

It turns out Robert has been quite busy displaying his own antisemitism.

He wrote a vile article with the antisemitic title The Jews ‘War Against Corbyn’ risks bringing real antisemitism to Britain, which he retweeted out from a different Twitter account.

The title has since been changed to the less antisemitic The Jewish establishment’s ‘War Against Corbyn’ risks bringing real antisemitism to Britain, following complaints.

But the phrase “The ‘Jewish War’ against Corbyn” still exists in the body of the article

and the article itself is vile, blaming British Jews for wrongly complaining about antisemitism which eventually will create real antisemitism!

In case you are wondering, this is the Co-op Robert Cohen, as is evidenced from the photos of both Twitter accounts.

So what we have here is the Co-op’s head of executive external communications not only being a member of an antisemitic Facebook group, but disseminating some antisemitism of his own.

The Co-op has yet to respond to my inquiry regarding the status of my complaint.

I will now be following up with them yet again, adding this new, troubling information.

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