Richard Silverstein (Partially) Blames Me for His Suspension From Twitter

Following the murder of Ari Fuld, it was upsetting and infuriating, though unfortunately not surprising, to see many in the Israel hate crowd say things along the lines of “He had it coming.”

None more so than DouchebloggerTM Richard Silverstein. I won’t reproduce all of his tweets, but if you feel like exposing yourself to his hate and bile, it is all on his Twitter timeline.

After seeing what he was tweeting about my friend, I asked my followers to let him all know what they think. I assume some also reported the tweets to Twitter, because..good news. His Twitter account was locked on the grounds of hateful conduct, and boy, is he pissed.

Bonus: he partially blames me!


How Pro-Israel Goons Rule Twitter

That headline is only partially true. The pro-Israel goons rule the Twitter algorithm. If you get enough of these slimeballs to report your account, it will be suspended for insulting a ham sandwich. Yesterday, I criticized foreign media (see Facebook post above) for calling Ari Fuld, a settler murdered by a Palestinian assailant in Gush Etzion, an “activist.” Fuld was many things. But activist was not one of them. He was a militant heavily armed settler. He served for decades in the elite IDF paratroopers unit. His websites revealed his absolute hatred of Palestinians and denial of their existence. He also organized armed patrols in his settlement, Efrat.

There was much gnashing of teeth and attacks against me for being heartless and cruel, and ignoring the fact that Fuld was a father of four. To which I respond, tens of thousands of Palestinian civilians have been murdered in this war, many of them fathers. Why not acknowledge their murders as well? Why should only a settler Jew be mourned?

Now, is this “celebrating” his murder as the slimeballs claim? No. I don’t celebrate anyone’s murder, Israeli Jew or Palestinian. But considering that Israelis kill many times more Palestinians than the latter do Israelis, some perspective is in order. If the settlers and their defenders are going to mourn Fuld, it’s the height of moral hypocrisy to refuse to mourn an innocent Palestinian. You can certainly get away with this if you believe Palestinians are all murderers and terrorists, which Fuld’s supporters apparently do.

If enough Twitter users are incited to report an account, Twitter will automatically suspend your account, which happened to me early this morning. Five tweets of mine were reported for allegedly promoting hate and violence. They did nothing of the sort. Did I speak vigorously and defend myself? You bet. But there isn’t a single word that promotes violence. There are statements that drive these people crazy. But that’s not the same as promoting violence.

Two sites incited their followers to engage in this online ambush.  @TheMossadIl and Israellycool were the key culprits.  The former account even tweeted encouragement to his followers to report my account.  Ironically, that tweet which I reported was not found to have violated Twitter rules.

I would ask you if you have a Twitter account to tweet to @twittersupport (or e mail your disagreement with my suspension.  My twitter handle is @richards1052.  If you are a journalist or blogger media coverage would prod Twitter to review and resolve this matter faster.  The account will be locked (meaning I no longer have any access to Twitter) for at least a few days while a human (or hopefully one) reviews the algorithm’s decision to lock my account.

On a related matter, it is far past time to acknowledge that Israeli settlers are a cancer on Israeli society.

I think it is clear Silverstein’s hateful tweets about “settlers” falls under Twitter’s hateful conduct policy. Despite his protestations, it is also clear he is justifying terrorism against Jews living in Judea and Samaria. Note how he even calls them a cancer.

Unfortunately, Silverstein will be back on Twitter in no time, and will continue to spread his lies and hate. But I will also be there, ready to expose, mock and deride him as I have until now.

Speaking of which, he tweeted this not long before his Twitter suspension.

Mangled Hebrew, huh …you mean like this?



David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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