Despite Denials, Richard Silverstein Absolutely Justified Murder of Ari Fuld z”l


As I posted last week, evil buffoon blogger Richard Silverstein was temporarily suspended from Twitter for hateful conduct, following the murder of Ari Fuld z”l. He subsequently set up a new Twitter account, and accused me of inciting my followers to perpetrate violence against him. He also published my employment information, with the clear, malicious intent to have his followers cause trouble for me at work. Even though this strategy will not be effective (I have done nothing wrong and publish my opinions as a private individual with no connection to my work – I do not even use my real name), he IS going to find himself in huge legal trouble when I find the time to sue his pasty white, wrinkly ass for libel (apologies for the mental image, especially if you are eating while reading this).

He has also gone in to damage control after rightly being accused of justifying the murder of Ari. He denies he did such a thing, but I will let you all be the judges of that. While it pains me to reproduce these upsetting tweets libeling one hell of a good man, I will not allow Silverstein slither his way out of this. I want it to be on the public record how this despicable drek absolutely justified Ari’s murder, as well as the murder of all Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria.

Please share this post far and wide. While Ari Fuld’s legacy is a great one, Silverstein will forever be considered a failure in life and forgotten in death.

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