Students for Justice in Palestine Equate Pittsburgh Synagogue Murder Victims & Gazans

SJP at UC Berkeley posted their condolences for the Pittsburgh shooting.

When SJP mourns dead Jews in America but promotes more of the same in Israel.

When SJP claims not to be antisemitic but advocates for the total destruction of the world’s only Jewish safe haven, the only place where Jews can safely escape to if Pittsburgh becomes a trend.

When they support those who don’t want to live in peace with two states, rather, who would do anything to annihilate Israel by whatever means necessary, including putting their own children’s lives on the line.

When they defend the Palestinian curriculum that promotes incitement and jihad against the State of Israel.

When they complain that not enough Jews are dying in this endless war by lamenting casualty ratios, not taking into account that Israel takes action to protect her citizens and the Palestinian leadership want their people to die for sympathy and political brownie points. When they use these casualty ratios as proof that Jews – um, I mean Israelis – are the oppressor.

The same SJP that promotes Rasmeah Odeh, the Arab terrorist who murdered two Israeli students in a massacre at an Israeli university.

The same SJP that sees mass murderers of Jews as heroes and martyrs and defends them at all cost – bit strange that suddenly a triumph becomes a tragedy if these Jews are on another continent.

The same SJP that is using this tragedy as yet another attempt to divorce the Jewish People from our 3000 year-old homeland by showing solidarity under the assumption that there is no connection between “Jews” and “Israelis” (despite frequent Freudian slips of using the two interchangeably).

The nerve they have to attempt to connect the shooting to Israeli “settler and state violence”, to compare innocent Jews being killed for no other reason except that they are Jewish, to Jews in Israel trying to defend themselves. This makes me wonder how they would react if one of the congregants had concealed a gun and shot the murderer in an attempt to defend himself – would SJP react differently? Is it okay for Jews to defend themselves in America but not in their own homeland that is constantly facing existential threats from those who are know to provoke and then, when retaliation occurs, cry to the media? Those who have no qualms about using their children as human shields in Gaza to protect Hamas weapons stores, knowing IDF soldiers would not likely strike if they see a child?

No, we should not accept these condolences. There is no way they are genuine, as if these same Jews died in Israel, SJP would rejoice.

SJP is trying to show people that they aren’t antisemitic as their detractors believe.

We know better than that.

Or at least, we really should.



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