Not The Onion: Haters Attack Guardian for Being Pro-Israel

The antisemites and Israel haters of the world truly live in a Bizarro world, where truth and reality are inverted.

For example, in their world palestinian Arabs are indigenous to the land their ancestors conquered way after the Jews were ensconced here, palestinian terrorists who murder men, women and children and hide behind their own are courageous heroes, and…the Guardian is pro-Israel!

Israel’s military reportedly killed seven Palestinians during a raid, and the ensuing gunfight also killed an Israeli lieutenant colonel. Other than a Hamas commander, all the Palestinians were aged between 19 and 25.

Reporting on the raid, however, the Guardian went with the following headline:
Their gripe?

The (now changed) headline positioned seven Palestinian deaths as less important than one Israeli death. On top of that, it also claimed that the Palestinians simply “died” while the Israeli was “killed”.

If anything, these haters should be pleased with the headline. The Guardian makes clear the Israeli killed was not a civilian, yet not the dead palestinians. In fact, the hater who is complaining here mentions

Other than a Hamas commander, all the Palestinians were aged between 19 and 25.

So for all a reader would know, the dead was one Hamas-hole and a bunch of young people nearby. Not this:

Beyond this, the author of this article attacks the Guardian’s coverage of the conflict in general:

Guardian censorship on Israel’s occupation

A number of former Guardian journalists have previously expressed concern over the outlet’s coverage of the Israeli occupation of Palestine. The Guardian dumped former columnist Nafeez Ahmed for reporting on Israel’s colonial interest in Palestinian resources. Ahmed used his editorial freedom to publish a piece about Israel targeting Palestinian gas reserves: $4bn worth of natural gas was found off the Gaza coast back in 2000. The Guardian closed Ahmed’s environment blog the day after he posted the article. Former Guardianopinion contributor Jonathan Cook allegedly experienced similar censorship on Palestine.

As I said, the haters are living in Bizarro world. And they truly hope for it to be Judenrein.

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