Sprung! National SJP Caught Lying About Logo for Hate Conference


In my previous post about National SJP, I reported how UCLA had backed down from their cease-and-desist letter, and allowed the hate group to use the bear logo in the artwork for their upcoming hate conference. This follows National SJP’s claim that the bear was meant to be a California grizzly, not the Bruin bear, and the kite a symbol of freedom, rather than an allusion to the incendiary kites being sent into Israel.

I can now confidently report that National SJP were brazenly lying about it.

When they released the conference artwork, this was what they posted on their Facebook page.

Note the parts I highlighted: mention of the Bruin bear, and the kite signifying the power in the Gaza March of Return, which sounds very much like an acknowledgement of the violence use to which it was put.

After the cease-and-desist letter, they tellingly deleted this post, and replaced it with this one.

Note the changes: replacing mention of the Bruin bear with bear “native to California”, and adding the words “and hope” in relation to the kite, in order to remove the previous (intended) violent connotation.

Please join me in showing this to the UCLA administration by emailing Chancellor Block at [email protected] (please copy Amy Blum [email protected], Jerry Kang [email protected] and Monroe Gorden [email protected]) or calling (310) 825-2151.

And please do not forget to sign the petition opposing the hate conference here.

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