Gaza’s Self-Proclaimed “Modern Anne Frank” Messes Up & Admits IDF Tries to Avoid Civilian Casualties


Farah Baker, the antisemitic Gazan tweeter who has referred to herself as the Anne Frank of Gaza-Palestine, just loves to paint Israel in a bad light.

But even an accomplished liar like herself slips up from time-to-time. We saw it a few years ago when she tweeted out some photos of Gaza that show anything but the “concentration camp/open air prison” claimed by so many. And we now saw it again a few days ago when the IDF was hitting Hamas targets following the hundreds of rockets the terrorists fired at Israeli population areas. This is what the young propagandist tweeted at the time:

A “warning missile,” typically known as a “knock on the roof,” is designed to let the building’s occupants know that an impending strike is incoming in order to give them time to escape.

So while I am sure she meant for this tweet to somehow show Israel’s barbarity, it confirms the exact opposite, illustrating how Israel 1. specifically targets Hamas sites and 2. warns Gazan civilians to get out of potential harms way, allowing time for those who heed the warnings to do so.

Actually it shows something else too – that we even warn some Hamas-holes of an impending strike when the location has been targeted due to its use, rather than the Hamas-holes themselves being targeted. In the case of the Hamas-run Al Aqsa TV, this was certainly the case.

So there you have it – a truth bomb, as it were, by a true Israel hater (as opposed to member of the media).

Meanwhile, if only Hamas and the other terror organizations afforded the same courtesy to the thousands upon thousands of Israelis they place in harms way with their rockets and mortars. But given they are actually aiming to kill us, that would certainly defeat the purpose.

Hat tip: Yoel

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A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media