The Type of Stone That is Inconvenient For the Haters


Stone the haters love:

Stone the haters won’t:

Artifacts from the First Temple period are extremely rare, especially in Jerusalem. Yet now archaeologists report finding a second stone weight from that era that may well have been used in Solomon’s Temple itself.

These stone weights, called bekas (singular – beka) were used on scales to ascertain the value of worshippers’ donations.

This second beka was found while sifting archaeological soil taken from the foundations of Robinson’s Arch at the Western Wall. This is the last remnant of the wall that had surrounded the Second Temple courtyard.

Archaeologist Eli Shukron directed the previous excavations on behalf of the Antiquities Authority, and tells Haaretz he found the first beka a few years ago in much the same spot.

Both the first and second wee weights are inscribed in ancient Hebrew script with the word beka, which pretty much decides what they were used for.

Our efforts to “Juda­ize” Jerusalem are going along swimmingly.

It’s a good thing we invented the time machine to be able to go back and plant these artifacts, isn’t it? Although UNESCO are clearly on to us.

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