Steven Fox (CEO and Founder of Veracity Worldwide LLC) Seems to Be Victim of Antisemitic Impersonator


A few days ago I posted about Steven Fox, the CEO and Founder of Veracity Worldwide LLC, who seemed to be posting the vilest antisemitic things on Facebook. The basis of my post was a Facebook page with his name and photograph, as well as the fact that after I messaged “Steven Fox” asking whether Veracity’s Jewish clients and employees would approve, he seemed to double down.

Following my article, CAMERA went further and contacted Steven Fox at Veracity. Steven Fox denies he was behind the Facebook page.

On November 30, 2018, the website IsraellyCool posted an article asserting that Steven Fox, founder and CEO of Veracity Worldwide, a business intelligence company, had posted a number of antisemitic entries and comments on a public Facebook page.

Fox emphatically and categorically denies any connection to the Facebook page in question. “It’s a categorical impersonation of me,” Fox said over the phone and stated that he will soon be contacting the FBI and Israeli law enforcement in an attempt to discern who made the page. He also stated that he will be filing a complaint with Facebook itself to get the page taken down as soon as possible.

The entries are profoundly antisemitic. What made the article so astounding was that Fox is a successful player in the business intelligence community. Fox spoke about the impact of corruption on the international business climate at the World Economic Forum in the Philippines in 2014.

For a successful businessman to be willing to risk his career and destroy his reputation by posting such hateful commentary on a publicly available Facebook page simply astounded the imagination.

In an effort to determine whether or not the postings attributed to Fox were in fact posted by the Fox himself, CAMERA reached out by email and phone to Veracity Worldwide. In a phone conversation and in an email statement, Steven Fox categorically denied that the Facebook page that served as the basis for the IsraellyCool article is his.

Fox has provided CAMERA with a link to his own Facebook page and states that the image used on the false page was taken from his LinkedIn account. Fox has also provided CAMERA screenshots of his own Facebook page (which will not be posted) to demonstrate that the page that served as the basis of the IsraellyCool article was fake.

In addition to contacting Fox via Veracity Worldwide, a CAMERA researcher posted a query on the antisemitic Facebook page attributed to Fox asking if the page belonged to the same person profiled in the IsraellyCool article. The researcher was blocked.

The posting and commentary on the Facebook page is “deplorable, no question about it. We are in 100 percent agreement,” Fox said.

Fox provided CAMERA with the following statement via email:

The Facebook page you have referenced is a complete fabrication. I am astounded that anyone would create such hateful and insidious remarks and then attribute those to me. I have never and would never post such remarks. I have alerted the appropriate authorities.

CAMERA has contacted (via Twitter) the author of the article at IsraellyCool and informed him of Fox’s categorical denials. When CAMERA receives more information, this article will be updated.

While I do not appreciate the way CAMERA went about this (going behind my back instead of involving me in the further investigation), I feel it necessary, based on this new information, to immediately delete the old article and replace it with this. It does not seem reasonable that the antisemitic person behind the Steven Fox Facebook page would be the real Steven Fox in light of this new information.

While I do not regret exposing the Jew haters of the world, I should have realized that they would stoop to the level of impersonating someone, even if it is not clear why.

I apologize to Steven Fox and join him in hoping the culprit behind the page impersonating him is found and punished.

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A lawyer by education, David Lange - founder and managing editor of Israellycool - found his calling in advocating for Israel and the Jewish people. He is available for public speaking engagements.