Propaganda Fail of the Day: An Israeli in a Palestinian’s Cab


Al Jizz have released a video, supposedly of an Israeli with a palestinian cab driver (I say supposedly, because who knows with Al Jizz. For all we know the Israeli is an actor).

First point: it shows how a palestinian Arab is allowed to work as a taxi driver in Israel. Apartheid!

Then there’s the delightful way the taxi driver ridicules the Jewish connection to the land. Suggesting all Jews in Israel come from places like Russia is a favorite antisemitic meme  (and not borne by fact either).

And ridiculing Abraham? DUMB! Islam co-opted him from the Jewish bible, installing him as a prophet in Islam. I guess Mr Taxi Driver does not know the Quran too well after all.

But perhaps my favorite doozy: suggesting the Arabs were here at the time. Repeat after me: Arabs came from Arabia. Anyone with the slightest grasp of history knows they conquered the land only in the 7th century, over a thousand years after Abraham.

So while I am sure Al Jizz was trying to show how unreasonable and wrong the Israeli is, they ended up showing it about the palestinian instead!

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