Roger Waters Attacks Australians As “Racist” & “White Supremacist”


Fresh from defending brutal dictator Nicolás Maduro Moros, Roger Waters has now gone on to attack Australia.

Because, Roger Waters.

Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters has called on Australians to rally in support of Julian Assange, saying the WikiLeaks chief is a “personal hero” of his.

The outspoken musician, who has a long record of sparking controversy with his political statements, also said Australia’s treatment of immigrants “exhibits a lot of the manifestations of white supremacy” and said Australia should “welcome your brothers and sisters from Asia in”.

“You have a very right-wing government … it’s always ‘divide and conquer’. If you can persuade the people who vote for you that the problem [is] people who are trying to flood through the borders, you can get them to do almost anything.”

He said Australia was an “unbelievably racist” country, the legacy of its colonial past.

“That doesn’t just go away, that lives in your bones,” he said. “They created in you an idea that because you came from Europe and you’re pale skinned, people who are not pale skinned and didn’t come from Europe … are in some way inferior to you.

“And if that seeps into your society you are white supremacist. And Australia exbibits a lot of the manifestations of white supremacy. The main white supremacist manifestation is keeping coloured people out, foreign people out, anybody who’s Asian or black, keep ’em out, let’s only have white people. That’s white supremacist.”

What Australia should be doing is “owning up to the crimes of the British after Cook”, he said.

“They should be veering away from white supremacist policies because there’s nothing at the end of white supremacy but tears and death.”

Of course, he plans to promote a boycott, divestment and sanction campaign against Australia to stand up for the rights of those people. Right?

No, of course not. Because, Roger Waters. Antisemite. Only Israel, the world’s sole Jewish state, is worthy of such treatment.

Speaking of which, Waters also had this to say about Australia:

“You know we get more joy, I believe, if you go out of your way to try and make it better for your brothers and sisters, and if you welcome your brothers and sisters from Asia in,” he said.

“Australia is a big enough country, you could get the whole population of the bloody world on it if you could figure out how to get some irrigation.

I know a country that figured out irrigation and made the desert bloom. But even if our irrigation could help Australia, Roger would still try convince Australia to boycott the technology.

Meanwhile, Waters also attacked England:

And he said Brexit was turning his former home of England “miserable and scary as shit”, and its inhabitants had “gone back to being Little Englanders” or embraced “Enoch Powell racist views”.

“Miserable and scary as shit” – sounds like Roger Waters.

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