Bad Palestinian Propaganda of the Day: Orange is the New Black Edition


Quds News Network has posted a report about supposed Israeli mistreatment of female palestinian Arab prisoners.

Naturally they are using a fake photo, one which I thoroughly debunked here. I am guessing that’s because no photos of actual Israeli police brutality of palestinian Arab women actually exist.

As for the article itself, it relates to a report by a group called Addameer. If that name rings a bell, that is because last year I exposed their extensive links to the terror organization Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

Among the claims

Addameer highlights the suffering of the Palestinian female detainees during the arrest itself, during the interrogation period, and in the Israeli prison. Those detainees have been subject to a severe deterioration essential services in prison, including food, water, hygiene, medical care, right to privacy and right to education.

My response to this is simple.

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