Jim Jefferies-Gate: Jefferies Mocked Avi Yemini’s Pride in Being Jewish


Fresh from having exposed Jim Jefferies’ subterfuge in deceptively editing his interview, anti-terrorism activist Avi Yemini has released another video of undercover footage he recorded. And it shows Jefferies mocking Avi’s yarmulke (Jewish skull cap).

I have also given some more thought to Avi’s previous video, which showed Jefferies, among other things, saying terrible things about Muslims. While at the time I believed it showed just how anti-Muslim Jefferies is (which may or may not be the case), I now think Jefferies said those awful things specifically to bait Avi into agreeing with him. And had Avi done so, no doubt it would have made its way in to the final cut of the interview, further demonizing him, and perhaps even sparking a race war in Australia between Muslims and Jews.

Meanwhile, still no word from Comedy Central or Jefferies.

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