Israel Haters Repeatedly Deface Expensive Art Installation at London School of Economics


Earlier this week, British artist Mark Wallinger unveiled a giant public sculpture on the central London campus of the London School of Economics – The World Turned Upside Down, a giant inverted 4-m-high globe that sits on the North Pole with Antarctica at its summit, and countries, cities and oceans re-labelled to be read from this new orientation.

Mark Wallinger in front of The World Turned Upside Down (2019) Courtesy of Mark Wallinger

I have been informed by someone in the know (a member of LSE staff) that it cost £200k!

And it did not take long for Israel haters to deface this expensive installation. First with post-it notes (I am sure Rashia Tlaib would approve!)

But then also with marker

My LSE source tells me the marker was erased, only for someone else to deface the globe again. Rinse and repeat.

As the President of LSE History Society admits, this is antisemitism, plain and simple.

I call on the London School of Economics to condemn this vandalism and penalize the perpetrators if they can be found.

Update: After being cleared of graffiti, someone has gone ahead and vandalized the globe again:

Update: LSE has responded:

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