Linda Sarsour Finally Objects To “Bigoted” Comments By Politician on a Committee

Linda Sarsour has attacked a US politician for making statements she feels show “outrageous and unacceptable” levels of bigotry, and is asking her followers to demand an apology and remove this person from the committee they are on.

No, it is not Ilhan Omar, who is still on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, despite her numerous antisemitic tweets and statements. But of course you knew that – Sarsour has been defending her in emphatic fashion.

Rather, it is Jewish New York City Councilman Kalman Yeger, who tweeted that “Palestine does not exist.”

Let’s be clear: these are not bigoted comments and he is correct. There is no state of Palestine – especially when considering when the palestinians and their supporters (mostly rabid Israel haters) speak of Palestine, they are referring to the area “from the River to the Sea”. Just ask Marc Lamont Hill, for example.

What there is: palestinian controlled territories, which are hardly being controlled by them, (just look at Gaza).

Yes, there are those who want a palestinian state that does not encompass all of the state of Israel, but such a state never existed and still does not exist.

So what Yeger said is true.

Unfortunately, Yeger has been thrown under the bus

I don’t see how stating the fact there is no Palestine is denying palestinian Arabs a home. He never tweeted that.

Do I think Yeger’s tweet was helpful? Probably not. But it was not bigoted and certainly no-where nearly as vile as those of Ilhan Omar and Linda Sarsour herself.

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