Israeli Television’s Follow-Up To ‘Vomit Libel’ Story


Israel’s Channel 13’s Hatzinor program has reported about the viral video depicting an ostensibly Orthodox Jewish man throwing up over, and striking, a Black woman – which I posted about yesterday.

In fact, my blog post – or more specifically my reasons for suspecting the video was staged or that the man is not really Jewish – are shown and mentioned in the report.

The reporter also interviews the owner of the Black Pearl bar, where the incident occurred, as well as the victim of the assault (these parts are in English).

So the owner thinks the man was drunk and started insulting the Black woman, and the woman does claim she was attacked (i.e. it was not staged).

Meanwhile, this tweeter also interviewed the owner, who repeated his claim that the man and woman were drunk.

Even if we accept that this was a real assault, my reservations about whether this really was an Orthodox Jewish man remain, especially if he and the woman were a couple.

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