Anti-Israel Gimps Hatari Reportedly Pissed They Got Lousy Seats on El Al


There are reports that Israel-hating freaks-on-a-leash Hatari are considering filing a formal complaint with Israel’s El Al airline over claims ground crews intentionally seated the band’s members in undesirable seats on their return flight from Tel Aviv (although for some reason, the Times of Israel, which is reporting this, has the sensationalist headline Iceland pro-Palestinian band may sue El Al over bad plane seats, even though in the story, they make clear the band is considering filing a formal complaint with El Al only).

But let them try sue. I would love to see Israel’s Kan, which put on this year’s Eurovision, sue the gimps for their despicable act.

Meanwhile, speaking of airlines, Iceland…and perhaps karma

It’s not often that an entire economy is thrown off course by a single corporate event. But that’s what appears to have happened in Iceland.

The recent bankruptcy of budget airline Wow Air has delivered such a blow to the Icelandic tourist industry, and the wider economy, that the central bank on Wednesday cut its main interest rate by half a point to 4%. It also said that the economy is now set to contract 0.4%, compared with a previous estimate for growth of 1.8%.

The announcement makes clear how badly Wow Air’s failure has hurt Iceland, which has also suffered from a disastrous fishing season. The airline had helped turn tourism into Iceland’s biggest cash cow, fueling a boom that dragged the nation out of its financial collapse more than a decade ago. Its demise in March spelled an abrupt end to that boom.

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