Further Indication ‘Vomit & Assault Man’ Is Not Jewish


I have been saying from day one: I smell a rat. But now there is a further indication that the man in the viral video vomiting over and assaulting a Black woman at a Belgium bar was not Jewish.

This from Daniel Kalter, the President of the Jewish community in Oostende, where the Black Pearl bar is located.

This makes no sense to me. Us Jews stick together, especially those of us of the observant persuasion. If this joker was indeed an Orthodox Jew living in the area, the president of the area’s Jewish community would know about it.

Something is not kosher with this entire video, and I’ll be damned if I don’t prove it.

Oh, and just to be clear: if it turns out he is some Jewish dude, the fact remains that Jew haters are using this incident to stoke hatred against all Jews. If it was a Muslim guy, would it be acceptable to stoke hatred against all Muslims?

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