Israel Hater Richard Silverstein Begging For Money After Being Sued for Libel (Again)


Anti-Israel DouchebloggerTMRichard Silverstein is schnorring for money for his legal defense fund, after being slapped with libel lawsuits (hat tip: AnarchoZionist).

To be very clear: Richard Silverstein has purposefully written false and libelous things about individuals, some of which I have documented here. It’s not the first time he has been sued for libel, and won’t be the last time either.

I have personally been on the receiving end of some of his libelous claims, including:

  • I have “engaged in serial frauds and hoaxes on Facebook and other social media in which [I] posted anti-Semitic material, then featured it in [my] blog in order to gin up hatred of Palestinians.”
  • I create fake Facebook accounts in order to “posts incendiary pro-terror comments seeking to bait other members into escalating the conversation” (for the record, I used a fake Facebook account to leave ANTI-TERROR comments in antisemitic and pro-terror groups, knowing they would respond with vitriol)
  • I creating supposed anti-Zionist sites, then posted antisemitic material to them, only then to turn around and expose the fraud I created
  • I created a fake blood libel story against Jews in order to “ridicule the pro-Palestine media” who swallowed it
  • I organized assaults on his Twitter account and took credit for it
  • I admitted direct contact with someone he claims hacked his website, “described the hack in detail, commended his exploits, and turned the attack into a right-wing pro-Israel campaign orchestrated possibly before, but certainly after the attack.”
  • I was dumped by Pajamas Media

If it were not for my wife’s illness and the long, expensive process of suing for libel, I would have done so by now. I still reserve the right to do so in future.

Here’s hoping this waste of space loses on appeal.

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