Saeb Erekat’s Latest Doozy


Last month, I posted a video in which Chief Palestinian Propagandist Saeb Erekat claimed Former Israeli PM Ehud Olmert offered the palestinians more than the 1967 liberated territories, as well as a “return” of palestinian refugees to Israel.

After someone tweeted out the video to show the palestinian leadership’s intransigence, Erekat responded with this:

Besides claiming a peace treaty would have been reached, Erekat is also claiming here that Olmert went to jail because of these negotiations. Yet another shameless lie from this lying liar. Olmert went to jail because he committed fraud, and we have a somewhat working justice system (unlike the palestinians).

We also already know that Abbas rejected the deal, partly because he wanted millions of “refugees” to return. I doubt even Olmert would have been stupid enough to agree to this. And Abbas himself claimed that a peace deal might have been reached had negotiations continued for four to five months. Clearly, even he would not agree with Erekat’s claim of a definite peace deal in two months.

In other words, Erekat is showing yet again just how full of sh*t he is. It is no wonder he regularly looks constipated.

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