Proud Jew Pink’s Great Response to Those Criticizing Her Holocaust Memorial Photo


Singing mega-star Pink has received an online backlash after sharing a photo of her two young kids running at the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin….and her response is music to my ears.

I love this because the photo absolutely does represent two innocent young Jewish children being children, at a place memorializing those who never got the chance.

Pink has proven herself to a proud Jew, at a time where it is not popular to do so (heck, when has it ever been popular to do so?). She posted the photo to her millions of fans around the world with this message of Jewish pride, as well as learning from history, which she clearly identifies as part of her people’s history. And let’s not lose sight of the fact that she took the time to go – with her children – to the Holocaust memorial to begin with, while on tour.

Pink has nothing but my respect. More celebrities like her please, and less like 99.9% of the other celebrities…including actress Alyssa Milano, who trivializes the Holocaust with offensive comparisons.


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