Palestinians Take Issue With J-Lo Praying At Jewish Holy Site


It is no secret that “J-Lo” Jennifer Lopez and her fiance “A-Rod” Alex Rodreiguez showed their love for Israel while they were here – a fact not lost on the palestinians and Israel haters (in at least one case, thanks to my post).

One to notice was palestinian propaganda site Pal+, which has accused J-Lo of “performing rituals” – at the Western Wall.

To be clear, when they accuse us of “performing rituals”, they are complaining we are desecrating one of their sites. They normally do this when Jews visit the Temple Mount, because it is the site of their mosques (placed over the site of our Second Temple centuries after its destruction). But here they are complaining that J-Lo is “performing rituals” (in this case, visiting and praying) at the Western Wall, not the Temple Mount.

If this isn’t further proof they see all of Israel – including all the Jewish holy sites – as their own, I don’t know what is. Not to mention that if they were in control of these sites, Jews would not be allowed access (like in the “good old days”).

Oh, and that they really hate J-Lo now.

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