The Writings of Ahava Emunah Lange: Live, Love, #happylanche


In honor of my wife’s memory, and to help continue her amazing legacy, I will be republishing over the next few months some of her writings, which not only give an insight into how amazing she was, but really helped inspire so many people around the world.

My plan is to also publish her writings in a book, along with testimonials from those who were somehow inspired or helped by her (whether by her writings or good deeds). If that includes you, please send your experiences to me at israellycool-at-yahoo-dot-com.

Live, Love, #happylanche

First published May 17th 2014

Before I close my eyes for sleep
I pray to God
Sometimes I weep
First, I thank Him for so many reasons
My husband
My children
The changing seasons
Second, I ask Him for many means
Much strength
And safety
A cancer cure please
I don’t worry I’ll die before I wake
I believe in Him
My soul, He’ll take
My fear is mounting and it’s painful
Not now
In the future
Gone from my place at the table
A new woman may come to stay
New wife
New mother
Not sure if that’s okay
I will keep dancing in my happiness avalanche
Every moment is a blessing

Live, love, #happylanche

At first I feared that posting this might lead to upset however I think it’s healthy and normal to express feelings and emotions… even if it’s fear or something that seems negative. We all have fears. Expression of even our deepest fears can lead to release and that release eventually leads to enhanced faith and happiness. This is mine. Tonight, as I lay me down to sleep….

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