Jewish Press Chief Editor Elliot Resnick’s Disgraceful Tweet About the Kurds


Chief Editor of the (lamentable) Jewish Press, Elliot Resnick, yesterday tweeted this in response to Mitt Romney blasting Donald Trump’s decision to abandon the Kurds.

And no, it does not seem to be a scathing commentary on our indifference or inability to learn from history. If you look at Resnick’s Twitter timeline, he is so far up Trump’s tuchus, it is not funny (metaphorically speaking, of course).

Plus his response to someone who took issue with his callous tweet indicates his own indifference to the plight of the Kurds.

Shame on Resnick (who needs to apologize) and shame on Donald Trump (who also needs to but never will) for his decision.

As I have constantly said, I am not pro-Trump or anti-Trump but will judge him fairly on his actions. And this one was morally reprehensible.

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