Rachael Catran’s Employer Responds To Her Antisemitic Posts

Following my post on antisemite Rachael Catran, the CEO of Coastal Ink Jets, her employer, released this statement:

Statement From Coastal Ink Jets Inc. Management

This is a written formal letter of apology and notification for further course of action for Rachael Catran who works as recycling manager at Coastal Inkjets Inc. Just recently it has come to our attention that Rachael Catran has been sharing posts on social media that have NOT been representative of what Coastal Inkjets Inc. is about and does not in anyway reflect our opinions or is anything we promote or see as correct or right here at Coastal Inkjets Inc.

As CEO and General Manager of Coastal Inkjets Inc. I would first like express how distraught I am and how hurt my feelings are about what has been brought to my attention. My wife’s family is Jewish and I myself for many years and currently work with many Israeli and Jewish people in business and throughout our community and also have quite a few close personal friends who I see not just as friends but as family.

I would never want anything negative to be shared or spread about any culture or race.  Coastal Inkjets Inc. works a lot within our community and with all races and cultures. We have been members of Kiwianis International for many years and volunteer and give many hours of service throughout our community at our local community animal shelter where we work together with all different types of people. We do a lot of work to help with the homeless, children, disabled veterans, animals and the entire whole community in general. Including all races and cultures.

I do not feel that terminating Rachael Catran will sufficiently acknowledge her wrong doing and will be too simple of a way out for my company. Aside from being suspended without pay. I want her to learn and understand that all communities have a right to exist in peace. Free from these kinds of negative statements and images.

I would prefer for her to learn from her mistakes and if she would like to continue working for Coastal Inkjets Inc. she must agree to go out and volunteer and do community services at a Jewish center or charity where she can learn more about this culture and learn to respect them and all cultures.

She has since deactivated her social media accounts. She herself will also be writing a letter of apology. She would also like to apologize to all the families, friends, customers and people that were hurt by these posts and we want everyone to know that we at Coastal Inkjets Inc. do take this very seriously.

She has a deep remorse for what she has done and would like to apologize to everyone she has hurt. She will hopefully learn from this experience and be an example of what to do when someone makes a mistake and use this as a growing experience.

Coastal Inkjets Inc. has been a pillar of the community and will continue to set an example moving forward. Rachael Catran’s signature below confirms that she acknowledges, understands, and respects what we expect from her here at Coastal Inkjets Inc. and that this will never happen again.

Best Regards,

Stephen Jevtic CEO

Rachael Catran

Recycling Manager

While I applaud his speedy response and desire to make this a learning experience, I am in two minds about this. On one hand, I understand that Stephen believes Rachael Catran has shown remorse and can change her mind (I personally believe in the concept of repentance). On the other, the level of antisemitic sentiment in her posts indicates to me a level of hatred hard to overcome – she did after all show a desire for genocide as well as an admiration for Hitler. Is she showing remorse because she is truly sorry or because she was caught?

Either way, I am glad my posts send out a signal to the antisemites of the world that there can be consequences for their hatred. The times of the Jew not fighting back are well and truly gone.

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