Popular Video Game Streamer Brittany Venti Makes Light of the Holocaust


Brittany Venti is a YouTuber and video game streamer, who has a relatively large Gen Z gamer following. She has 57.1K followers on Twitter, 27.6K on Instagram, and 29.3K on Tik Tok – not huge but definitely not too shabby either.

According to this site:

Brittany is well known for her tendency to become enraged whenever viewers make racist, misogynistic, anti-feminist, or pro-terrorist comments in either the donations they send or the chat box during a live stream

If that’s the case, she is doing it all wrong – given she posted this on TikTok (and has since deleted it, but not before it was captured by my friends at Stopantisemitism.org).

Whether or not Venti is actually a Jew hater is not clear: what is clear is she thinks it is ok to make light of the Holocaust and mock Jews who were persecuted by the Nazis, all for clicks and views.

As far as I am concerned, this should never be ok. I would hope Venti’s next video is an apology.

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