BDS-holes Complain About Coronavirus Materials in Arabic. You Know, The Ones They Previously Claimed Did Not Exist


Remember when Muhammed Desai, the head of BDS South Africa Africa For Palestine, made the false claim that Israel was not releasing coronavirus updates to her Arab citizens in Arabic, and promptly had his ass handed back to him on a platter?

Since that was proven to be an outright lie, the BDS Movement has changed tack; they now admit we do provide updates to our Arab citizens but are complaining the pamphlets “reinforce racist stereotypes”!

It would seem their gripe is the way those depicted in it are dressed from head-to-toe. Which, while it is the way some Israeli Arabs dress, most do not. Not entirely accurate but not racist.

But it just goes to show you how persistent these people are in trying to find ways to demonize Israel.

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