Diddy and Others Promote Louis Farrakhan’s Latest Antisemitic Address


Last week, it was reported that Fox TV’s Black-oriented streaming service, Fox Soul, canceled a Fourth of July program featuring avowed Jew-hater Louis Farrakhan after their plans for a live broadcast of Farrakhan’s speech titled “Message to America” got slammed.

But not to worry. Diddy to the rescue!

Louis Farrakhan, one of the leading anti-Semites in the world, has found a home for his July 4th address to the Nation of Islam: Sean Puffy Combs’ Revolt TV.

It sounds revolting, so we’re in the right place.

And don’t think Diddy himself was not involved. He did not shut up about it.

No surprises, Farrakhan was at his antisemitic “best”


He’s not just destructive towards Jews, but his own people.

Yet this is who Diddy and plenty of others have been promoting.

Let me be real clear about this: Diddy and the other influential people and celebrities promoting Farrakhan and yesterday’s address will have blood on their hands when some angry followers inevitably try to hurt or even murder Jews.

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