Gazan YouTubers in Belgium Warned to Stop Harassing Jews


Last week I posted about Gazan YouTubers Skate Twins, who filmed themselves in Belgium harassing Jews. Their video attained millions of views, and the story made it to the mainstream media, with the likes of Ynet covering it (naturally, no credit was given to Twitter user Imshin, who first exposed the video).

But the twins also got some attention they did not like – from Belgium police.

Twin brothers from Gaza seeking asylum in Belgium filmed themselves roller skating through an Antwerp Jewish neighborhood with a Palestinian flag.

Adham and Amjad Salah were detained and questioned on Tuesday evening following a complaint over alleged harassment and intimidation filed by the Forum of Jewish Organizations in the Flemish region. Police defined the act as provocation and warned the men, in their 20s, to stop, Belgian officials said.

Yes, you read that correctly. They are seeking asylum in Belgium. Way to show you will be a great addition to the country, boofheads!

They have since made their video private and blasted those of us highlighting their antisemitic shenanigan in a new video named “Israeli incitement against us and attempt to ruin our reputation”. In it, they also claim their intention was not political or disrespectful, and they respect all people and all religions.

In addition to their skating skills, these guys certainly brought their lying and blame-deflection skills with them from Gaza.

Update: Not political, Hamas my ass


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