Never Before Reported Video: Dream Defenders Members Harassing Jewish Students

Dream Defenders is a Florida-based human rights group aimed at ending police and prisons (especially private prisons) as part of their policy and is geared towards people of color who share the goal of multi-racial organizing, among other goals.

In November 2014, the relatively new group posted this footage on their YouTube channel:

The never-reported-on one-minute video offers insight into where Black Lives Matter (BLM), the Movement for Black Lives (MBL), and many of their allies stand on the issue of Jews who speak up for Israel.

Less than a year after the “interesting passionate debate,” incident, leaders of the Dream Defenders, BLM, Muslims4Ferguson, and Harry Belafonte’s Justice League, as well as Marc Lamont Hill, would travel to Israel to promote BDS and draw a line in the sand about the anti-Zionist future of the Democrat Party.

Patti Munter is the Co-Founder of the National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Rochester for Israel. Before that, she worked at Rolling Stone Magazine.


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