Antisemitic Doctor Fidaa Wishah Claims Her Words Were Taken Out of Context

Dr. Fidaa Wishah, the pediatric radiologist at Phoenix Children’s Hospital who expressed her desire for an end to Israel and accused us of cannibalism, is continuing to play the victim.

Speaking to antisemitic hate site The Electronic Intifada, Wishah thinks the shocking part of her story is what happened to her:

“What happened to me was shocking. The hospital didn’t reach out to me, didn’t ask any questions. I think their decision was under pressure,”

As for her shocking comments:

Wishah explained to The Electronic Intifada that she was referring to the end of Israel as an apartheid state – “history has shown that apartheid states can never last” – and that the reference to “cannibalism” was – obviously – figurative, not literal.

Let’s look at her comments again:

fidaa wishah post

Wishah’s claim she was referring to the end of Israel only as an apartheid state, her words suggest otherwise. Note she wrote “Hey #israel, your end is coming..”, and not “hey #israel, the end of your apartheid is coming…”

As for the “cannibalism” reference, she made it in the same breath as “atrocity, inhumanity, racism.” Did she mean those things in the figurative, not literal, sense as well? Of course not.

While the Electronic Intifada piece claims Wishah is a victim of “a relentless and vicious campaign to intimidate people into silence by falsely portraying them as racists”, through the “cherry-picking” of lines to “‘translate’ phrases into familiar anti-Semitic tropes in order to smear” her and others, the words themselves are clear. Plus the Electronic Intifada conveniently leaves out her liking of a blatantly antisemitic comment

and call for “God” to burn Israeli Jews. Talk about cherry-picking.

So while one of her attorneys said he is certain that she will be vindicated, I wouldn’t be too sure. The evidence is there for all to see, despite these attempts to twist and explain away her words.

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