Ayy! ‘The Fonz’ Henry Winkler to Star in Israeli Show

Don’t tell me this isn’t the most random-yet-delightful news of the day!

Hollywood veteran Henry Winkler is to lead Aleeza Chanowitz’s Israeli/U.S. crossover comedy Chanshi, with producers in talks with U.S. and international broadcasters.

Winkler will play Tatty, Chanshi’s (played by Chanowitz) father in the series for Israeli network HOT, which is being produced by Kastina Communications and directed by Bracha’s Mickey Triest and Aaron Geva.

Chanowitz’s Chanshi is a young religious girl from the Jewish community in Brooklyn who decides, just before her wedding and despite her family’s objections, to abandon everything familiar to her, and immigrate to Israel. In the Holy Land, Chanshi embarks on a wild and reckless journey, but the transition from a life with a clear set of rules to a life without any rules at all, is not at all what she was expecting and throws her into a whirlwind of life experiences.

As a proud Jew and fan of Israeli television (specifically Fauda), it is no surprise the Fonz would sign on.

And speaking of Fauda, I wonder if the palestinian Arabs will try to co-opt the premise of this show and convert to their own version like they did with Fauda.

Or the little-known palestinian version of Happy Days.

Either way, I am sure this does not represent Chanshi ‘jumping the shark.’

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