Archaeologists Discover Amer Zahr’s Last Good Joke

Wadi Rum, Jordan: A recent archaeological expedition has uncovered an amazing breakthrough in Middle Eastern History: “Comedian” Amer Zahr‘s last decent joke. Suspended in ancient amber and preserved for posterity, the joke has survived to this day almost intact. Forensic experts were table to recreate it to almost 90% accuracy…. something about eating tasty hummus with your annoying in-laws. It was actually kinda funny, which today is a bit off-brand for Mr. Zahr.

You see, Palestinian/American “comedian” Amer Zahr is the most disappointing product to come out of Detroit since the ’79 Pinto so busy denouncing Israel that he “forgot” to be “funny“. Nobody knows exactly what happened. Some people think the Mossad stole his sense of humor at a wedding in Dearborn during Obama’s second term. The United Nations even passed several non-binding resolutions demanding that Israel return Amer’s punchlines and comedic timing. Now he spends his days yelling at nice ladies on Twitter for having the temerity to go on a hike near Jerusalem. Basically, Amer morphed into a “comedian” if by “comedian” you mean “bitter and obsessed with Israel”. So in that sense, Roger Waters and Jeremy Corbyn are comedians too!

To be fair, as students of comedy, the Daily Freier is willing to find humor where we find it, even from people we disagree with. George Carlin spent the last decade of his life as a Wacky 9/11 Truther, but he was a comedy genius. Jim Jeffries has become an annoying scold when it comes to American culture, but his mockery of Bill Cosby is epic. So in terms of Zahr’s comedy, we tried. We really tried. We even watched his YouTube video so you don’t have to. Spoiler Alert: it wasn’t very good.

Even Amer’s friends in the BDS Movement concede that something has gone wrong . “The Zionists stole Amer’s good jokes just as sure as they stole couscous.” complained Anti-Zionist fixture Ariel Gold as she tilled her garden in Ithaca. “Hey, what do you think of these cucumbers? They’re from my Homeland….. Spain!

While the general consensus is that Mr. Zahr has lost his comedic Mojo, Mr. Zahr maintains a fanbase in some surprising places. Israellycool‘s very own David Lange recently jumped to Amer’s defense. “I disagree with the premise that Mr. Zahr is not a funny comedian.” complained Mister Dave. “Because I remember the time he said that the only chance for Peace is the One State Solution. Also the time he shilled for Bernie Sanders with Linda Sarsour in the name of ‘Human Rights’. Then there’s the time he called Hillary Clinton an “Ultra Right-Winger” because she supported Israel. I don’t care who you are…. that’s Comedy.”

When reached for comment, Amer replied with a forgettably unfunny monologue featuring the words “Occupied Jaffa”, “Zatar”, and “The Likud”.


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