Haters Freak Out Over (Israellycool) Context Added to Noor Fawaz’s El Al Security Rant Tweet

Late last year, X (the artist formerly known as Twitter) began rolling out its new Community Notes feature – the social media giant’s crowdsourced fact-checking system.

Community Notes aims to create a better-informed world, by empowering people on X to collaboratively add helpful notes to posts that might be misleading.

Contributors write and rate notes

Contributors are people on X, just like you, who sign up to write and rate notes. The more people that participate, the better the program becomes.

Only notes rated helpful by people from diverse perspectives appear on posts

Community Notes doesn’t work by majority rules. To identify notes that are helpful to a wide range of people, notes require agreement between contributors who have sometimes disagreed in their past ratings. This helps prevent one-sided ratings.

X doesn’t choose what shows up, the people do

X doesn’t write, rate or moderate notes (unless they break X’s Rules.) We believe giving people a voice to make these choices together is a fair and effective way to add information that helps people stay better informed.

Open-source and transparent

It’s important for people to understand how Community Notes works, and to be able to help shape it. The program is built on transparency: all contributions are published daily, and our ranking algorithm can be inspected by anyone. Learn more how it works under the hood.

I am telling you all of this because Journalist Noor Fawaz’s disingenuous rant against El Al security appears with a community note linking to my post on it.


And the haters are fuming about it:

Not that they have any good arguments:

The attacks against the note include personal attacks, including this tweet that links to a libelous hit piece on me:

Fawaz herself has tried to report the note to have it removed, but to no avail:

Not that she is the only one:

Thankfully, as of the time of this post, the Community Note linking to my post remains. And there are plenty of comments in support of it and my blog post, which provides incontrovertible proof that she has come out in support of terrorism, which makes El Al’s security measures against her understandable.

In the meantime, please rate the note as helpful in order to help prevent the haters from having it removed.

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