Cynthia Nixon Starring in ‘The Wrong Side of History’

Forget being on Sex and the City. These days, actress Cynthia Nixon prefers to be on The Wrong Side of History.

She recently announced she would embark on a hunger strike… for Gaza.

Of course, being a virtue signaler with no virtue, the hunger strike will only last a few days.

Sex and the City actress Cynthia Nixon’s hunger strike to try and end the Israel-Palestine conflict will only last two or three days, according to a source.

Nixon, 57, called for President Biden to demand a permanent ceasefire in Gaza while outside the White House on Monday with a group of Palestinian supporters holding up signs. 

Nixon, who is the mother of two Jewish children with her ex-husband, will only complete two to three days of the planned five-day strike before she returns to work in New York. 

One source told ‘She is looking to do it for two or three days.’

They continued: ‘Cynthia is hoping her word holds more weight than anything. She is not going to be doing her hunger strike that long because she has to go back to work and will be doing that in the coming days. 

‘But to her, doing the strike at all is a small price to pay for what she is fighting for, she is doing it for her family and friends and those in harm’s way, and everyone is supporting her that she is close to, no one is worried about her well being because they know she will be all right and is doing this for the greater good of what she believes in. People close to her are very proud of her.’ 

Ah yes, her family must be so proud of her – especially her children’s family in Israel.

Funny how she is not hunger striking in solidarity with the starving Israeli and foreign national hostages of Hamas.

Jewish hostages were held in tougher conditions than Thai hostages and were beaten with electric cables, according to a report on N12 on Wednesday evening.

According to the report, Thai hostages released by Hamas in recent days told Israeli security personnel: “Occasionally, we were put in captivity with the Israelis, they were constantly guarded. [Hamas] had a tougher attitude towards the Jews, they were beaten with electric cables.”

One of them added, according to the report, “We ate one pita a day, and a can of tuna was divided among four people.”

By the way, if you read her entire Instagram screed above, you will see how she comes down hard on the “regime that has all but announced its intention to commit genocide.” And she ain’t referring to Hamas.

Meanwhile, just like Cynthia Nixon, karma’s a bitch.

Going into the new Triple Jeopardy! round, Cynthia led with $7,100, Heather $6,600, and Cedric – who complimented Ken by saying his initial 74-time contestant run was how he became a fan – a paltry $3,200.

The game between Cynthia and Heather became significantly close, but the actress got the last Daily Double (despite stumbling over it a bit), adding $2000.

By Final Jeopardy!, Cynthia seemed prepared to put the game away with $19,700, Cedric $4,000, and Heather $15,600.

The clue under “Unique Buildings” read: “Despite 17.5 miles of hallways, you can walk anywhere in this Virginia building within about 5 minutes, due to its concentric layout.”

Cedric correctly wrote “The Pentagon,” doubling his score.

Heather was also correct; she wagered $5000, giving her $20,600.

Ken announced: “It all depends on Cynthia’s response. Did she come up with the Pentagon?”

Cynthia revealed that she scribbled something that looked like “VA Hospital” and tossed up her hands.

“Oh no,” Ken lamented as Cynthia dropped $11,500, making Heather the winner from second place as she was left ecstatic.

Of course, Cynthia Nixon probably does not believe the Pentagon has the right to exist.

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