Playwright Allan Stratton: How Oct. 7 — and The Left’s Reaction — Made Me a Zionist

Allan Stratton is a gay Canadian playwright and novelist who is the internationally award-winning author of “Chanda’s Secrets” and “The Dogs.”

I must admit, I am not familiar with his work. But if his piece in Canada’s National Post titled How Oct. 7 — and the left’s reaction — made me a Zionist is anything to go by, I need to familiarize myself with it.

Before Oct. 7, I was a typical ’60s social democrat. Born shortly after the Holocaust, I grew up with Israel as a fact, not a dream, and considered ongoing Zionism an extremist project and the chief obstacle to peace in the Middle East.

Surely, Israel could return the territories it won during the Six-Day War in 1967. Surely, the Palestinians’ homemade rocket attacks and recurring intefadehs (infinitadas?) were a legally authorized resistance to occupation. And surely, the grotesquely disproportionate civilian death tolls when Israel struck back were a stain on the conscience of humanity.

Oct. 7 changed that. It is a day and demarcation as seismic as 9/11. It wasn’t just the gleeful depravity of the Hamas murders, rapes and burnings that changed the world. Or Hamas’s barbarous use of Palestinian women and children as human shields and corpse propaganda. It was also the celebration of savagery by far-left intersectional apologists.

Oct. 7 was a life-changing gut punch to liberals like me. It turned many of us into Zionists, including those once sympathetic to the Palestine Liberation Organization of Yasser Arafat, former president of the Palestinian Authority. The sadistic bloodletting of Jews in the land of their birth shoved the horrors of the Holocaust in our faces.

Jews have a historic understanding of persecution and the inconstant nature of acceptance. It is therefore no surprise that they have played such an outsized role in the left’s fight for social justice, participating in every major rights battle of the 20th century.

That’s what makes the betrayal by today’s intersectional feminists, union leaders and “queer” movements disgusting. They’re happy to erase Israel, the one Middle Eastern nation that defends gay rights, in favour of the theocratic despots who throw us from their rooftops. 

Read the entire thing.

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