Proud Antisemite Fiona Ryan Arrested Under The Terrorism Act

Remember Fiona Ryan, the talentless twit from the UK who sung about wearing her “antisemitism badge” with pride?

She’s now complained on TikTok about having been arrested under section 12 of the Terrorism Act, as well as the Malicious Communications Act.

According to what she says in the videos, it seems it might have been due to her reposting posts in support of Hamas, and not – as I assumed – because her singing is considered a crime against humanity.

As you can see, this mother of the year was arrested in front of her three kids because she kept them home from school to join her in engaging in some boycotting activities. And she refuses to condemn Hamas or stay off social media.

Naturally, she is begging for money to help her with her legal costs.

@fiona.ryan3 #fionaryan #diplomacyisfree ♬ original sound – Fiona Ryan

Because that’s what they do.

Meanwhile, some are blaming…. me?

Let them think that and be very afraid.

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