When They Eat Their Own: Israel-Haters vs Ariyana Love

Regular readers will know how I consider Ariyana Love to not only be one of the vilest Jew-haters out there, but also one of the dumbest.

She is also a huge fraud, who claims to be a Doctor, but is not. And even some of her fellow conspiracy theorists and Jew-haters have gone after her over it.

In the most recent example of the latter, Love spoke in a Twitter Space with fellow Israel-haters, and was left lamenting the experience after things did not quite go the way she had hoped. And while there is no available recording of the conversation, the following Twitter/X thread gives us an insight into what occurred:

By the way, this is Love’s bio on her website:

Dr. Ariyana Love is an official Goodwill Ambassador to Palestine. She’s a second-generation natural doctor, investigative journalist, medical and patent researcher, and founder of an international foundation revitalizing traditional Homeopathic medicines.

Dr. Love uses world renown disease reversing (anti-aging) protocols that detox and reverse vaxx and swab injuries. She is currently advocating for client retribution and compensation.

Dr. Love’s father, Dr. Eric Love, founded the first natural healing school in Northern California in 1981. Prior to training through the International Association of Homeopathy (Dad’s institute) in her early 20’s, she was certified in various healing modalities from Heartwood Institute of the Healing Arts School. With 18+ years of training and experience in the field of natural medicine and nutrition, she’s currently being mentored by scientist, Dr. Robert O. Young, and Biotech expert, Dr. Judy Mikovitz.

Dr. Love studied Motion Picture Video (film) at Montana State University and worked in Hollywood for about a year, before opting out of Hollywood and into corporate finance. Mentored in upper-level business management, she spearheaded a financial consulting company with Omega Financial and moved to Finland with her team in 1998, to acquire advanced technologies.

Dr. Love’s elder son was vaccine injured at the age of two. He was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism (Asperger) at age 7. She applied her medical knowledge and designed a dietary protocol that resulted in a total reversal of her son’s debilitating symptoms by the time he was 8. All of his allergies also disappeared.

In 2010, Dr. Love began homeschooling on a Native American reservation in the mountains of Northern California, where she lived with the indigenous Hoopa and Karook tribes. She studied traditional Native American Medicine and learned the Brickstitch weave from a generational teacher. Designing beautiful earring patterns is a favorite hobby. She and her sons also learned to track, hunt, skin, fish and forage.

Dr. Love is originally from the Emerald Triangle in Northern California, where she grew up along the Sequoia/Redwood coast. She has traveled the world learning traditional medicine from indigenous people and harvesting the purest medicines from nature reserves, such as the pine tree and chaparral.

Dr. Love pilgrimaged to the holy land of Palestine in 2012, and lived in a traditional Palestinian village in the Occupied West Bank for close to a year. She studied the root of Authentic World Judaism, Orthodox Christianity and Islam, and grew a heart felt appreciation for the Palestinian culture and their traditions. She discovered Palestine’s superior harvesting techniques and the many medicinal applications from the blessed olive tree, as well as other herbs and plants from the Middle East.

Dr. Love’s Ministry in Palestine activated her calling. Witnessing the injustice of Apartheid inspired her journalism and Human Rights Defending. In 2013, she was invited to train with Roger Landry from the The Liberty Beacon (TLB) news network. She Directed and built two successful news channels from the ground up before she was politically targeted and de-platformed across social media, beginning in 2017.

Dr. Love has been on the front lines in independent media, leading record-breaking campaigns in defense of political prisoners. She collaborated with Palestinian media professionals for 8 years, documenting and publishing Zionist occupation war crimes. Eventually the Palestinian Authorities (PA) and Gaza authorities awarded her with an official Goodwill Ambassador to Palestine role through the International Commission to Support Palestinian Rights (ICSPR).

Julian Assange invited Dr. Love to join WikiLeaks from Belmarsh Prison, in 2019.

Dr. Love was the first person in the world to read and document all the experimental modRNA “vaccine” patents and report them on Stew Peters Show. She applied her medical knowledge and research skills and designed protocols to naturally chelate heavy metals, cancel nanotech and detox the body from all poisons. Her protocols stop spike protein replication and restore the body’s original design. She’s been detoxing people successfully from jabs and swabs since October of 2020. She applies the Terrain theory to reverse cellular and DNA damage, brain injury, autoimmunity and essentially all diseases because the root cause is always the same.

Dr. Love’s detox and health protocols are highly sought after worldwide. She is mentored by scientist Dr. Robert Young and Biotech expert, Dr. Judy Mikovitz. Her work is published in Global Research and used by medical and legal teams and natural law tribunals.

Think Forest Gump…only more fictitious.

Meanwhile, another Jew-hater has revealed their feeling regarding Love’s “credibility”; Saskia Whitfield.

Love once made the following allegation :

A single woman activist in the UK named Saskia Whitfield was self-employed and had a thriving business for the last 20 years. Lange hacked her personal data and called to her clients reporting Jew-hatred. I have spoken with Saskia multiple times and she does not hate the Jewish people. Like me, she has only spoken against Zionism and Zionist crimes. Through Lange’s targeted defamation, Saskia lost all her clients one by one and her only source of income. The last time we spoke, Saskia told me she was under threat of losing her home where she lived for the last 20 years.

Whitfield had this to say recently about the above:

In this case, Love might actually have been telling something resembling the truth when it came to Whitfield’s career, but either way, it is always good to see Jew-haters eating their own.

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