Mia Khalifa Needs to Give Up Her OnlyFans Account & Earnings If She Stands By Her “Principles”

When she is not spreading hatred of Jews and showing her support of Hamas terrorists, former porn actress Mia Khalifa is plying her wares on adult website OnlyFans, where she reportedly earns millions of dollars a month.

So it is not wonder, she promotes her OnlyFans account regularly on her social media:

Yeah, awkward:

OnlyFans’ billionaire owner, Leonid Radvinsky, and his wife reportedly pledged $11 million to the powerhouse pro-Israel lobby American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC, last year, according to an internal donor list obtained by The Lever. 

According to confidential internal documents reviewed by The Lever, AIPAC reported a massive $90 million fundraising haul in the month following Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack against Israel. One contribution stood out: an $11 million pledge from a “Mr. Anonymous Anonymous” and Katie Chudnovsky, the largest listed contribution in the documents. 

The Lever was able to confirm that the personal information listed alongside the donation identified “Mr. Anonymous Anonymous” as Radvinsky, who owns the subscription blogging platform OnlyFans, which is generally associated with adult content. While some of those named in the documents confirmed that they had contributed to AIPAC, Radvinsky and two others denied being donors. 

Given Khalifa is pro-BDS:

the only “decent” thing for her to do would be to close her OnlyFans account and give up what she earned thanks to these “Zionists”, no?

Not that she is anything but indecent.

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