When They Eat Their Own: Dock Block Edition

A group of rabid Israel-haters (aka antisemites) called Block the Dock Melbourne are imploding, after posting their opposition to having former IDF soldiers – who have themselves become Israel-haters – representing the cause.

Not to mention “White” people!

Anti-Israel activists have fallen out bitterly over claims there are too many white people advocating for Gaza in a peak lobby group and that the use of a former Israeli soldier to back the Palestinian cause is wrong.

Block the Dock Melbourne, which targets Israeli shipping interests, has savaged Free Palestine Melbourne, claiming the umbrella campaigning group has been overrun by white ­people who do not speak for the people directly affected by the Middle East conflict.

The groups are two of the highest profile pro-Palestinian groups in Australia, often campaigning together to highlight their opposition to Israel’s ­response to the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel last October.

But the groups are at odds, with Block the Dock declaring publicly it was opposed to the lack of Palestinian people involved in FPM’s campaigning and against using a former ­Israeli soldier to promote their cause on ­behalf of those opposed to the Jewish state.

“What an embarrassment to the Palestinian community,’’ Block the Dock posted on social media. “We don’t need Palestinian killers in our community.

“90% of FPM is run by white people. White people do not speak for all Palestinians.’’

The weekend post by Block the Dock provoked a strong ­response across the anti-Israel ­lobbying sector, with some ­calling for it to be taken down and others stridently backing it.

Following the negative publicity, Block the Dock have uploaded this follow-up post on Instagram:

They certainly are a confused lot.

I imagine this is what they look like when they discover another former IDF soldier or White person has converted to their cause:

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