Some Signs of Life at the Grammy’s

With most celebrities not speaking out against Hamas’ atrocities nor speaking out for their victims (including those presumably still in Hamas captivity), my expectations for last night’s Grammy awards were admittedly low.

But I should have known that singer/songwriter and social-media star Montana Tucker would step out – and step up – in a big way, given she has been one of those who has been outspoken in her support for Israel. And there was nothing subtle about her gown with an oversized yellow ribbon emblazoned with the message “#BringThemHome.”

I guess the real surprise was when Recording Academy CEO Harvey Mason Jr. took one more moment toward the end of the evening to pay tribute to those murdered and kidnapped during Hamas’ attack at Israel’s Supernova Music Festival on that fateful day, October 7th.

Meanwhile, Israel-hater Annie Lennox was true to form, using the podium to call for a “ceasefire”, which essentially means leaving Hamas in charge of Gaza, willing and able to try and repeat October 7 again and again. And of course, not a word about releasing the hostages.

Because, Annie Lennox.

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