Nasser Mashni Continues to Libel Australian Jewish Association

Last week I reported about the police investigation of the Sydney protest on October 9th, that resulted in police concluding the phrase “gas the Jews” was not said, but rather “Where’s the Jews?” (as if that is much better). As part of my post, I showed how Nasser Mashni’s APAN had committed libel in falsely accusing the Australian Jewish Association (AJA) and others of “deliberately” and “maliciously” inaccurately subtitling the video of the chants as “Gas the Jews”, while also calling the police findings as “confirmation that this subtitled video was faked.”

As I wrote in my post:

The AJA had spoken to the witnesses, who later signed statements as to what they heard. There was no fakery or deliberately misrepresenting what was heard, and it is entirely reasonable to believe this is what was chanted, based on the statements and fact chants of “F— the Jews”, “where’s the Jews?”, and “We’re gonna kill them all” were heard at the same protest. The police could only reach their conclusions after relying on “an eminent and very experienced expert” after all, which tells you how difficult it was to ascertain that “gas the Jews” was not chanted.

Furthermore, APAN refer to “false claims of antisemitism” is extremely disingenuous, considering the other antisemitic chants, as well as the fact Mashni himself even admitted they occurred and condemned them

In fact, the police themselves ruled out any doctoring or malicious intent:

Lanyon said the expert did not believe the original video was doctored.

“Obviously subtitles are … an opinion of what they think (was said).”

But this has not stopped Mashni from continuing with his libel, retweeting fellow Israel-hater Jonathan Cook:

Here is Cook’s tweet in full:

Former UK ambassador Craig Murray ask a series of damning questions:

How is it possible that an obviously faked video – of a crowd supposedly chanting ‘Gas the Jews’ in Sydney – was repeatedly and uncritically flagged as a real antisemitic incident by politicians and the establishment media?

Why did the New South Wales Police need a 100-day investigation to confirm that the video was faked when it was obvious to any observer?

How is it that the organisation that filmed the original video on which the fake chants were overlaid, the Australian Jewish Association, which refused to hand over the original footage to police, has not been investigated or charged with a criminal offence?

And why was one of the very few journalists who investigated the film and showed it was a fake, Antoinette Lattouf, sacked by the Australian Broadcasting Company?

It is almost as if there is conspiracy by western establishments – politicians, the media, the police – to mislead western publics so that they focus on an exaggerated threat of antisemitism and miss an all-too-obvious genocide being carried out by Israel in Gaza with full western complicity to keep it top-dog in the oil-rich Middle East.

Besides the obvious libel being repeated, it is rich that Mashni would endorse the idea that the video being faked “was obvious to any observer”; if it was “so obvious”, why did he not make this claim at the time? Why did he implicitly admit some protesters were chanting it?

And again with claiming there is an “exaggerated threat of antisemitism”; at that protest alone, there were also chants of “f— the Jews,” something no-one has disputed. For a better idea as to what the protest was like, watch this:

And how rich to speak about a “conspiracy by western establishments – politicians, the media, the police – to mislead western publics so that they focus on an exaggerated threat of antisemitism” – which itself is engaging in an antisemitic trope!

I truly hope the AJA sues Mashni and APAN for libel.

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