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If Some of History’s Vilest Killers Got The Washington Post Treatment

Yesterday it was announced that US forces had vaporized ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi into worm food. And the Washington Post had just the vile headline for this occasion

The Washington Post Provides Platform For More Linda Sarsour Lies and Victimhood

The Washington Post has run an interview with Linda Sarsour, and by interview I really mean propaganda piece to turn this hateful person into a victim.

Washington Post Should Win a Gold Medal for this Media Bias

Where the Washington Post parrots palestinian propaganda and does not even do the basic minimum of fact-checking

Seriously Washington Post, THIS Is What Is Important Here?

In a Washington Post article about a lawsuit over antisemitism on campus, one sentence sticks out like a sore thumb

The Washington Post Betrays A Bias

When opinion is published as fact, well then Washington, we have a problem.

Washington Post Publishes Unverified, Anonymous Claims From BTS

Who needs verification, when Israel can be depicted as a villain?

Note To The Washington Post: He Lost Control And I Think He Liked It

More media bias against Israel, this time from the Washington Post. Because Jews.

The Washington Post Acts Just Like Carter

Once again, the Washington Post gives legitimacy to a mass-murdering terrorist, and it seems that they are doing it because of Jimmy Carter. Some...

Journalist Mairav Zonszein’s Troubling Response to Being Pointed Out Error in Her Report

A real piece of work and not someone you could trust to report objectively

Kotaku, Publishing Dangerous Lies About Israel is No Game

What business should a popular video game news and review site have commenting on the Arab-Israel conflict?

Feeling Guilty? You Must Be Jewish!

Jewish guilt costs Jewish lives. No more guilt!

Ilhan Omar’s Latest Op-Ed Reveals Depth of Her Antisemitism

Ilhan Omar has written an op-ed in the Washington Post entitled Sanctions are part of a failed foreign policy playbook. Stop relying on them.

Women’s March Severs Ties With Antisemites Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory (Updated)

This is good news for those who want to be part of the Women's March, but detest the Jew hatred of some of its founding members.

“Camps” Comment Undermines AOC’s Border Concerns

It is often precarious to make far-reaching comparisons.


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