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Greta Berlin and the Dumbness of Dirt

Antisemitic terror supporter Greta Berlin has responded to my post about her possibly announcing a trip to Israel

Did Antisemitic Terror Supporter Greta Berlin Announce She is On Way To Israel?

If I am correct, one need not imagine the kind of "mischief" she would try and get up to

Anti-AIPAC Antisemite Watch: Greta Berlin And Mary Hughes-Thompson

Two more well-known Jew haters spotted at the protests

Free Gaza Co-Founder Greta Berlin Lets Down Her Guard

Because it's hard to keep your inner antisemite hidden, even with all that plastic surgery

Free Gaza Co-Founder Greta Berlin Thinks Idea Of Murdered Jews Is Funny

Where I again highlight the vile antisemitism of a co-founder of Free Gaza and senior BDSHole

Greta Berlin Says Israel Behind Terror Attack In France

Because in Evil-lin's worldview, Muslims=good, Jews=bad

Greta Berlin’s Unequivocal Support Of Terrorism

Caught in a lie yet again

Greta Berlin’s Callous Post About The Kidnapped Boys

I guess it shouldn't surprise us that this antisemite would hold such views

Greta Berlin Leaves Nasty Comment

And dare I say it, she seems rather shirty

Greta Berlin, Bride Of Frankenstein

Antisemite and Israel hater Greta Berlin has posted to Facebook a photo of wanton destruction and horror


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