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Hamashole Pens Piece Attacking LGBTQ Community & Israel for Giving Them Rights

I guess it would be safe to say that former Hamas Representative in Tehran Mustafa Al-Lidawi is not a fan of the LGBTQ community

Hamashole Abdel Rahim Abbas Goes Out With A Bang

Another one bites the dust

Ding Dong the Klutz is Dead! Senior Hamashole Imad Al-Alami Shuffles Off This Mortal...

Senior Hamashole Imad Al-Alami, who was in critical condition after reportedly shooting himself in the head while checking his gun, is now dead

Head Hamashole Yahya Sinwar: “Now Hamas Will Discuss When We Will Wipe Out Israel”

Wipe us out? You and which army, funny guy?

Fried Green Hamashole

Hamas terrorist Hani Shlouf may not have been much of a honey, but he did just go for a permanent shluff
al faqih

Murderous Hamashole 0 IDF 1

Rabbi Miki Mark's murderer is now pushing up daisies

This Day In History By Hamasholes

Hamas wants you to know what happened on this day in history. So do we.

The “Grieving” Hamashole Mother

More photos showing the gulf between us

Horny Hamashole Said To Have Sexually Harassed Female Journalist

Sami Abu Zuhri has apparently been a naughty boy

Hamashole Ismail’s Unwell

We have the latest odds for what may have happened

Senior Hamashole: Deif Or Alive?

Did we turn him into worm food or not?
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